как будет по английски quarter

The word quarter in English can be translated as четверть or квартал in Russian, depending on the context. Let’s explore the meaning and usage of this word in various situations.

In terms of time, a quarter refers to a period of three months or one-fourth of a year. It is often used in business and finance to describe financial results or reporting periods. For example, companies publish quarterly reports to inform shareholders and stakeholders about their performance every three months. These reports typically include information about revenue, expenses, profits, and other key financial indicators.

In sports, a quarter is a division of a game, typically lasting 15 to 20 minutes, depending on the sport. In basketball, for instance, there are four quarters, and each one is 12 minutes long. The term quarter can also be used in reference to the score or point difference between two teams. For example, The home team is leading by ten points at the end of the first quarter.

Furthermore, quarter is used to denote a specific part or section of something. In a city, different neighborhoods are often divided into quarters, such as the financial quarter, the historical quarter, or the residential quarter. Each quarter may have its own unique characteristics, landmarks, and attractions.

Moreover, the term quarter can be associated with fractions and proportions. For instance, when dividing a circle into four equal parts, each part is called a quarter. Similarly, when dividing a whole into four parts, each section is referred to as a quarter. This concept is commonly taught in mathematics and can be applied in various real-life situations.

In the culinary world, a quarter can refer to a specific cut or portion of meat or vegetables. For instance, a quarter pounder is a type of burger that weighs approximately a quarter of a pound. Similarly, a recipe might call for a quarter cup of a particular ingredient, indicating a measurement of one-fourth of a cup.

In the realm of finance, the term quarter is frequently used to indicate currency as well. For instance, a quarter represents 25 cents in the United States and most other English-speaking countries. The coin is commonly referred to as a quarter dollar or simply a quarter.

In conclusion, the word quarter in English can have multiple meanings depending on the context. It can denote a period of three months, a division of a game or competition, a section of a city, a fraction or proportion, a portion of meat or vegetables, or a denomination of currency. Understanding the different uses of this word allows for clear communication and comprehension in various contexts.