как пишется по английски 46

How to Write 46 in English

When it comes to writing numbers in English, it is important to follow certain rules and conventions to ensure clarity and consistency. In this article, we will discuss how to write the number 46 in English and provide some examples to illustrate its usage.

The number 46 is written as forty-six in English. It is a combination of the word forty, which represents the digit four followed by the digit zero, and the word six to represent the remaining digit. This format is commonly used for numbers between 21 and 99 in English.

To understand how to write 46 in English, let’s break it down further:

— Forty is spelled with the digit four followed by the letters t and y. It is used to represent the multiple of ten, which is 40 in this case.

— Six represents the remaining digit after forty. It is spelled using the letters s, i, and x and signifies the digit

Now, let’s look at some examples to see 46 in context:

There are forty-six students in the classroom. (In this sentence, the number of students is being discussed.)

The temperature today is forty-six degrees Celsius. (Here, the temperature is being stated.)

I had to wait for forty-six minutes before the bus arrived. (The duration of waiting is highlighted in this sentence.)

It is also worth mentioning that 46 can be presented alternatively as a numeral instead of spelling it out. In this case, it appears as 4

Now that we understand how to write 46 in English, let’s discuss some general rules for writing numbers:

— When a number begins a sentence, it is preferable to spell it out. For example, Forty-six people attended the event.

— In formal writing, numbers from one to nine are usually spelled out, while numbers from 10 and above are written as numerals. However, there are exceptions, such as in scientific or technical writing, where numerals are generally used.

— When writing a series of numbers, it is best to maintain consistency in the format. For example, She bought 46 apples, 12 oranges, and 3 bananas.

In conclusion, the number 46 is written as forty-six in English. It is essential to follow the established conventions and rules while writing numbers to ensure clarity and consistency in communication. Whether you choose to spell it out or use numerals depends on the context and the guidelines of the writing style you are following.